Environmentally friendly biodegradable packages

We offer eco-friendly, biodegradable packages of various sizes, in a variety of designs. Like our other products, we manufacture them entirely from recycled materials. Furthermore, the biodegradable boxes are made from natural products and decompose quickly without harming the environment. The eco-friendly cardboard packages can also be handed over to a waste paper collection so that it can be reused.

Environmentally friendly biodegradable packages

When we manufacture our products, we attach great importance to caring for the environment. The ecological boxes of our production are free of added plastic or foil, as well as other materials that may pose a threat to the environment. Thanks to their high durability, they can be reused and, when they deteriorate, recycled, added to compost or safely disposed of as biodegradable waste. We sell plain cardboard packages as well as decorative packages in which to place wine or other items.

Decorative cardboard boxes are perfect as gift packages for a friend or family member. Whatever the purpose, our eco-friendly packages is highly durable and fully biodegradable. They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to take care of the environment. By opting for our eco-friendly packages, you reduce the need for environmentally harmful plastic packages.

Why choose eco-friendly boxes for your products?

The ecological boxes in our range are environmentally friendly and versatile. If you are looking for a box that will serve you for many years and allow you to safely store items of various sizes, you've come to the right place! In our boxes, you will not only be able to store a cup, jar or parcel in accordance with their original purpose, but many other items in accordance with your needs. Eco-friendly cardboard boxes are lightweight and easy to transport. We sell boxes small and large, ideal for storing a variety of items.

In times of increasing environmental awareness in society, many people are more willing to choose eco-friendly boxes, especially if they intend to purchase natural products. In our company, you can purchase biodegradable packages for jars or bottles. They are ideal for securing organic food products such as juices, jams or honey. We also produce biodegradable flap and die-cut boxes. On individual request, we can prepare biodegradable packages for any product for you, together with the appropriate accessories.