Pakcer - manufacturer of cardboard packages

We are the manufacturer of paper, cardboard and paperboard packages. PAKCER was established in 2001. Our main activity is the manufacturing of cardboard packages. We produce flap boxes as well as die cut boxes of any design and shape. We are the manufacturer of cardboard packages with screen printing and flexographic printing. We also manufacture offset-printed paper lined boxes. In addition, we offer a variety of cardboards equipment such as trusses, wrappers and dividers. We also manufacture large-size packages.

We use modern manufacturing processes in our activity, which, combined with the systematic expansion of our machinery park, enable us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We will create for you packages for any product, also of non-standard shape and size. We will also make boxes designed to protect delicate materials such as glass or ceramics.

We provide our customers with advice on the selection of suitable packages for their chosen product range, backed up by many years of experience in the industry. We provide a comprehensive service to our customers, including the creation of a concept for new packages, the selection of suitable raw materials for its manufacture, and in the case of boxes with an overprint, also its design and manufacture. The packages manufactured in our company can be delivered to the customer with our own means of transport.

We also collect waste paper and plastic waste collected in so-called big bags. In this respect, we cooperate with companies, public institutions and municipalities. In addition, we offer logistics services in the areas of packages, repackages, storage and distribution of goods.

Manufacturer of packages made from recycled materials

We make every effort to ensure that our activities do not adversely affect the environment and contribute to its protection. We have started to purchase waste paper, plastics and other waste materials, from which we try to recover as much valuable material as possible. We manufacture cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled raw materials. Our range includes environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable cardboard packages. Waste materials that we do not use ourselves are sent to reliable customers who process them and, if they cannot be recycled, are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. If, like us, you are interested in environmentally friendly solutions, we would like to encourage you to contact us!

We would like to announce that PAKCER was awarded the winner's certificate at the final ART OF PACKAGES 2018 Gala, held on 5 March 2018 in Poznań. Our new product, an ecological packages for a cup with saucer, was selected from more than half a thousand entries to the ART of PACKAGES. This is a great accolade for our company and motivation for further development.

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Die-cut packages  (die-cutting)

Die-cut packages (die-cutting)
Die-cut packages are characterised by a more complex desing, which allows any shape of the box to be obtained. The individual design of this type of packages is achieved through the use of special die-cutting machines, which enable customised box shapes to be obtained. Individual models can be fitted with additional closures, handles or windows, making this type of packages suitable for many applications. The main advantage of the box packages is that it can be tailored to the individual needs of our customers. There are a number of solutions for creating a unique look for packages, including screen printing, flexographic printing or hot-stamping on the boxes.
 We manufacture corrugated and solid cardboard packages, folded, glued or stitched. We have die-cutting machines for a wide range of packages for manufacturers of ceramics, glassware, pastry shops, electronics companies, mail order companies and customers from other industries. It
is possible to die-cut stends for advertising agencies. We also have the possibility of making large-size packages.

Laminated packages

Laminated packages

We also offer die-cut-laminated packages with offset-printed paper with a maximum format of B-1. This enables perfect colour and graphic quality to be achieved, making the packages ideal for presenting products on shop shelves and for use by the promotional and advertising market.

Packages with an imprint

Packages with an imprint
We manufacture packages from multilayered colour cardboard in any colour according to the Pantone template; additionally, the cardboard can be covered with glossy-protective varnish, which increases its usability and aesthetic value. Printing techniques used include screen printing (also large format) and flexographic printing (maximum format 1500 x 1200). Colour selection according to the customer's wishes according to Pantone template, by individual agreement.

Flap cardboards

Flap cardboards

Flap boxes are the most frequently selected type of cardboard packages. They are used to protect products during storage and transport. The standard designs of flap boxes are specified in the FEFCO catalogue. We offer made-to-measure packages, both small boxes and large cardboard boxes. There is the option of screen printing or flexographic printing on the boxes. The greatest advantages of flap boxes are their strength, ease of folding, flexible size adaptation to customer needs and relatively low price.
Thanks to a wide range of 3- and 5-ply corrugated cardboard with various strength parameters, we are able to select raw material for packages with utility values closest to the requirements set by our customers.
We manufacture flap boxes made of the following types of cardboard:
3-ply corrugated cardboard E, B, C,
5-ply corrugated cardboard BC EB EE
4-ply corrugated cardboard with open (corrugated) wave EF

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