Printed cardboard packages

Printed cardboard packages is an attractive way to package any articles. Our range includes boxes for individual items such as mugs or cups, as well as large bulk packages. We carry out traditional printed designs on the entire box or on selected parts of the box, as well as striking hot-stamping embellishments that look extremely elegant on cardboard packages. We also offer laminated boxes, which are entirely covered with paper with a design of your choice. All types of printing on boxes are carried out with the utmost accuracy, and the printing techniques we use allow us to create a highly durable design.

Manufacturer of printed cardboard packages

As the  manufacturer of printed cardboard packages, we manufacture environmentally-friendly cardboard packages that can be used repeatedly. We are able to tailor the printing on the cardboard to your exact requirements, both in terms of printing colour and design. We are a company that cares about the environment and produces fully biodegradable cardboard packages. Printed cardboard packages stands out from other cardboard boxes because of its unique design or colour. The production of cardboard packages involves a smaller carbon footprint than the production of plastic packages, which is not as recyclable as cardboard boxes.

We make elegant cardboard packages from multilayered, coloured cardboard in any colour according to Pantone template. We can additionally cover the cardboard with a glossy and protective varnish, which increases its usability and aesthetic value. We use the following printing techniques: silkscreen printing (also large format) and flexo printing (maximum format 1500 x 1200). Colour selection according to the customer's wishes according to Pantone template, by individual agreement.

Coloured cardboard boxes

Colourful cardboard boxes are perfect for gift wrapping. Are you looking for an eco-friendly box in which to wrap a shot glass gift for a girlfriend or friend? Or are you looking for an environmentally friendly cardboard box in which to present glasses or other glass gifts to your parents on the occasion of an anniversary? In our shop, we offer solid, decorative cardboard packages so you can safely transport or store an item of any kind. With us, you will receive colourful cardboard boxes that can serve a decorative function. We will manfacture boxes in a colour that harmonises with the design of your room.

Printed cardboard packages as an alternative to plastic boxes

The packages of an item is, in many cases, key to attracting customers' attention and interest in the chosen product. What's more, the box can be an attractive complement to the product itself. It should also provide good protection for the items placed inside. Many manufacturers complement their products with plastic packages because of its durability, attractive appearance and the possibility of presenting the product without opening the box. However, a printed cardboard box can successfully fulfil the same functions.

With the possibility of any print, this will be a unique packages for any item. In addition, cardboard boxes with a window give you the opportunity to see the goods without having to open them. As a manufacturer of printed cardboard packages, we take care of the highest quality of their workmanship and the high durability of the boxes. With their attractive design, the ego boxes can be successfully used as decorative storage boxes. They are therefore an ecological alternative to the popular plastic boxes for clothes, toys and other items.